“Our aim is to provide the highest quality, most consistent strings in the world, at affordable prices.”


Podium Bowstrings was established in 2018 but has been making strings for local archers since 2013. It’s a small company that’s growing fast, located in Yorkshire in the UK. We started producing recurve bowstrings and have since branched out to make many products including string wax and compound strings and cables. Since starting we have gained a massive amount of experience and knowledge. We take the time to test our product and only give the absolute best to our customers. We have invested and continue to invest heavily in the very best machinery and tools to help us make the best products for archers. If there is a way we can improve our products, we will. That’s why you can always rely on the quality of Podium Bowstrings. Order yours today from our shop.


1- Receive/check order

2- Layout (under tension using a bespoke air compressor and professional string jig)

3- Serve end loops (still under tension)

4- Twist (under 100lbs of tension) Stretch (under 350+lbs more tension) both of these are held under tension by our industrial grade air compression system.

5- Centre serving, and adding speed weights for compound strings (under tension)

String tube 6

6- Quality control, package and send


Behind the helm at Podium Bowstrings is Deborah Waterhouse who runs Podium Bowstrings. Deborah makes every single string that is produced by Podium Bowstrings and prides herself on the consistent high quality output. In her free time you can often find Deborah at one of the local archery clubs. If not, she’ll be in the factory/office, driving Podium Bowstrings to the next level.